Haiya i have just learned there is a season 3!!! Why didn't i know this sooner tv people haha :) do you know if maddie is coming back? I miss her and will be so disappointed if jana and rhydian get together :/

Well I say (and it’s not official!) that Maddy will come back at least on the last episode maybe before and Debby Moon (the writer) said that Jana and Rhydian are like brother and sister so they won’t get together!

Do you know any website that I could watch wolfblood on?

Do they have more seasons of this or something?

Umm there are 3 seasons by now and we don’t know if there’s season 4 yet!

Wolfblood + on the roof

Hi I'm also from the US and I went onto that link and it made me sign up to watch but my mom won't let me use her card (even though there's no charge :/). Do you know of any other website/link to watch?

Oh my god no that wasn’t my intention I use this site for all the series I watch and it never happened to me! thank god you didn’t charge you can’t know if it will take your money! try this although I like that website less!

i am sooooooo grateful for the link thanks a bunch!! -(the one from the us that asked for the link haha)

No problem! :)

do you know where i could watch all the episodes from season 2? like a link to a website maybe? i cant find it anywhere and i neeeeed to watch it. btw im from the us :) thanks so much

I’m not sure all the episodes are in there but still!:)

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